The Owner

Harbin – Random Jiaozi Place

Having just arrived in Harbin without eating any lunch, we were famished and in dire need for some Dongbei food. First choice: Jiaozi.

We came across what we thought was the only Jiaozi establishment within walking distance from Harbin train station. With high expectation in hand, we walked inside.

Greeted by the owner. She somehow reminded me of Cruella de Vil.
Seemingly promising. But…
My boyfriend didn’t think much of it. And…
It is very rare for us not to finish our food.

One of the worst dumpling I’ve had in my life. In fact, I can’t remember if I’ve had worse. It was cold-ish, and the skin, oh my, the skin was tough and plastic-like. The noodle was also cold and lacked any taste. The “tastiest” item on the menu was the pickled eggplant, but that’s because it was bathed in salt and was literally inedible. And I’m usually a lover of salted pickles! Score: 1/10. I regret not having written down the restaurant’s name, otherwise I could advise those going to Harbin not to eat there.

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