Can't go wrong with a beetroot salad

Another Jiaozi Disappointment….

Our second day in Harbin and it is -28°C outside. But we still have to eat :)

Our first meal of the day: Portugese Egg Tart

Crappy. The brand was called “Jamie”, and next its banner actually says “Possibly the best egg tart in Harbin”. Err, sure, we believe you… I could hardly taste the yolk and the dough was too flaky. 2/10.

Next, for lunch: Dong Fang Jiaozi Wang
Boiled Jiaozi, Fried Jiaozi, Dongbei Rib

This one was a recommendation from Wikitravel. Very 一般般 (nothing special). You could find Jiaozi like this anywhere in China. 3/10.

Two hours later, we were ready for Katusha, a Russian restaurant which was supposed to be the best one in Harbin. Another Wikitravel recommendation. And not to my surprise, it was also disappointing. Aside from the beetroot salad, other dishes were over salty. 4/10.

Can’t go wrong with a beetroot salad
Salmon wrap and beef

Note to self: Ask a local and stop relying on Wikitravel.

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